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After installation glims is not visible in Safari preferences (not installed?)

We received a few emails of users who reported Glims not showing in Safari after reboot. What we want to do is work with everyone in order to fix the issues and use this post to understand/troubleshoot the problem.

Sorry if this post looks long, but i wanted to give as many details as possible.

In order for Glims to work the Glims agent should be launched at boot time. This is done automatically through the launch daemon of macosx.

If Glims doesn't show in Safari, it means that the daemon is not running or doesn't recognize Safari processes.

First we need to find out if the Glims Agent is running, using the "Activity Monitor" application. Launch the "Activity Monitor" app located in the folder "/Applications/Utilities", in the search area type "glims".


If Glims is not present in the list, as shown above, it means that as suspected the Glims agent was not launched at start.

We added an utility to Glims to help debug the problem. Go to the folder "/Library/Application Support/Glims/Agent" in your root folder, and double click on the "Glims Agent".

You should now see a window. Please note that the utility has no dock icon, and could be hidden behind other windows. The window should look like this:


The first thing the utility does is printing information on the different files needed to the . The is located in the folder "/Applications/Utilities" in your root folder.


Please send us the output so we can look at it.

Now click on the "Restart Agent" button. After the agent is started the window should look like this:


The next step is to see if Glims is present in Safari.

After receiving the information from the different users we will update this post with the necessary steps to fix the launch of Glims at start.

Please post your comments/suggestions on the talk page.