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Glims Development Build

Glims 1.0.43 development build.

Ads are out - Listening to our users is important for us, so we droped the ads. We tried different variations but we understand now that it was a bad idea.

Thanks to all the users that helped us spot and fix the problems.

Please continue to report any issues you may have.

This is a development build, not a release, meaning that it may contain issues. The more testers try it, the more stable and bug free our published build will be.

This is very important to us and we want to thank all of you for being so great about it.


Click here to Download ( March 25, 2014 / Size: 10.7 Meg )

The uninstaller can be found at this link: Glims Uninstaller

Version 1.0.43 (10004300)

  • Fixed - No longer ads supported.
  • Fixed - Bing returning to main search list after restart.
  • Fixed - Crash on 10.5.

We test our builds internally on the following platforms:

  • MacOSX 10.8 Mountain Lion with Safari 6
  • MacOSX 10.7 Lion with Safari 6