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i have a folder which is half faded called .DS_store on my desktop and everytime i delete it, it automatically reapears on my desktop is that a virus? ... what went wrong? and how can i fix it?

.DS_store files are created by the operating system to store things like view preferences (list view, icon view, etc.). These files are hidden so as not to annoy you; if you're seeing them then you've enabled the secret preference that makes them visible. To turn it off, open the Terminal and copy-and-paste this line:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles OFF

There are many other ways to toggle this setting; one is the "Secrets" preference pane.

If you really really like seeing hidden files but don't want to see .DS_store files, you can use the experimental feature of TotalFinder (free for now, will cost later). It causes .DS_store files to be store in a designated folder instead of all over the system. This page explains how the .DS_store hiding is done.