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Full page zoom is new feature of Safari 4 that allows a user to enlarge an ENTIRE webpage, including the layout and images, i.e., NOT just the text. http://www.betalogue.com/2009/06/15/safari-4-zoom/ This feature is becoming more important as monitor resolutions keep increasing and also for people with visual impairments.

The problem people have is that Safari always loads a page at 100%, forcing the user to hit cmd+ every time they load a new tab. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2114926&tstart=1 There is a crude hack involving a custom style sheet but it doesn't work as well as manual zooming. When you do full page zoom manually, Safari does a smarter sort of zoom where it keeps the widths of the elements the same size, reflowing text where needed and scrolling only when necessary. The style sheet hack has problems with some websites (particularly those with CSS menus), and is not reversible (i.e., you can't zoom back out and get the original view).

Many people think it would make sense for Safari to have a default full page zoom setting, but until Apple agrees, I was wondering if this is a function that Glims could be control?

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ok so we are talking about setting the default zoom when opening a new tab or window... i am going to look into it. thanks for the clarification.

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I found another method of fullpage zooming, an extension: http://www.wannseii.com/safarimagnifier/ Unfortunately, it has the same drawbacks and bugs as the CSS hack. There is an interesting comment on that page though "According to the official APIs provided by Apple, plugins cannot directly control Safari’s WholePageZoom function" For anyone else with poor eyesight or large monitors they may be interested in Opera, which nicely implements a default whole page zoom.